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Why We Need Enough Sleep And Its Theories

  • By:Arrowsoft
  • Date:2022/05/26
Why We Need Sleep ?
Some Theories

We all know exactly what it feels like to sleep well and not sleep well. When we sleep well, our mood will become happy, full of energy, and we will be more efficient in study and work. When we don't sleep well, we feel distracted, exhausted, and irritable. We can all clearly feel the effects of sleep on our brains and bodies, but we may not yet know why we need to sleep even we need them with custom made mattresses today.


What is the purpose of sleep? How much do sleep scientists know about the way we spend one third of our lives? According to relevant research, sleep plays a vital role in physical health. All living things need sleep. According to the data, there are various functional deficits in the absence of sleep. There are several theories about why we sleep, and why we spend so much time sleeping


The Inactivity Theory

The Inactivity Theory, also known as the Adaptive Inactivity Theory. The theory interprets sleep as a protective mechanism that keeps humans and other circadian animals safe at night. Sleep may have evolved because predators were more vulnerable at night and couldn't see clearly in black species.




Sleep may be especially protective for children, who are more likely to get lost or injured at night. During the darkest and most vulnerable times, inactivity can be one of the reasons that sleep is maintained throughout the night. Therefore, we suggest their parents should find a good memory foam hybid mattress from the market to improve their children's sleeping quality so as to their normal body growth.


The Energy Conservation Theory

The evolution of sleep may have favored human ancestors and animals that remained inactive during the night and part of the day. When humans evolved, food was scarce and prey was scarce, so conserving calories and energy stores was critical to survival.




Not only does sleep act as a store to preserve existing energy, it also reduces the need to consume extra food while resting. When humans sleep, they are less active, their metabolism drops by 10%, their core temperature drops, and their calorie needs also drop, which further reduces their energy needs. The theory of conservation of energy may be related to the theory of inactivity. Sleep may be a protective mechanism to protect the body from predators and accidents and inefficient consumption of calories


The Restorative Theory

The theory is that sleep evolved to help the brain and body repair and restore muscle fibers, immune function and cellular activity, as well as participate in other important physiological processes.




Research has found that protein synthesis rates are higher during sleep, so sleep plays a vital role in recovery. Sleep is important for the recovery and maintenance of immune function. Link between sleep and immunity supported by research showing animals lose all immune function when sleep deprived.



Through various aspects of cognition, it is obvious that sleep is crucial for the maintenance of life. Without sleep, all living things would die within a few weeks. All sleep is an integral part of all biological life on Earth.





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