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What Will Cause The Back Health Problem Without A Good Mattress ?

  • By:Arrowsoft
  • Date:2022/12/01

The vertebrae of the human spine are linked by tendons and cartilage. The pressure of each vertebral bone will gradually increase from top to bottom, the vertebral bone will gradually become thicker from top to bottom, and the weight and pressure will be great. The spine is a very important part of the human body, so it is very important to keep it reasonable. It can keep blood flow. The human body was originally a curved shape, not a single plane. Sleeping in too soft or too hard mattresses can cause different spine problems. In today's society, most people have various back health problems, such as cervical spine problems, lumbar disc herniation, etc. These symptoms are mainly caused by excessive spine load or inaccurate posture for a long time. Essence Therefore, having a mattress that can protect the spine not only greatly improves the quality of sleep, but also allows the human spine to better unload the load after a day of fatigue. 



Soft Mattress

It is undeniable that the soft mattress will really be comfortable when you sleep, and you will wrap your whole person. But as mentioned above, because the human body's waist and hips are very heavy, when we sleep in a soft mattress, the part of the waist and hips will sag because of weight, which will cause our spine to get a good support There is no way to maintain the physiological curvature of nature, which also means that muscles have no way to relax well. This will often feel backache and back pain. Long-term sleeping state can cause the spine transition bending situation for a long time.  

Firm Mattress

Sleep on a hard mattress, the pressure distribution area of the body is too small, and the support distribution is uneven. The main parts are on the head, shoulders, hips, and feet, which will cause local compression discomfort. And our most common phenomenon is that when we sleep on a hard mattress, the waist will hang up. It is only supported by the muscles of the waist, not only can not better protect the spine, but it will also cause the muscles on the back to be unable to relax, resulting in muscle tension, fatigue and soreness. It can be seen that a good mattress should be distinguished from soft and hard, and a reasonable support for different parts can protect the spine. Ensure the health of the spine. The biggest advantage of Arrowsoft's mattresses is: both hard and hard, high -rebound, high support. In the high support of the hard mattress, but also the comfortable package of soft mattresses, the package rebound back. When you sleep, you can obviously feel that the pressure of the whole body is evenly distributed, and all parts of the body can be truly relaxed.

Support Layer

This part is the core of a mattress. We will use an independent bag for spring. The entire mesh spring design is exquisitely designed and combined with each other. When a single spring is under pressure, adjacent spring will help support the spring. Each spring will respond to each action. Support, minimize the transfer of motion to the maximum extent, while maintaining the alignment of the spine. If you want to know more about the mattress, please contact us.





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