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How Much Does The Mattress Affect Our Sleep Quality

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  • Date:2022/11/29

What Impact Does Sleep On Our Lives?

1. It will cause the human body's immune system to weaken

2. It will accelerate the aging of the human body and shorten life. In fact, every day from 10 o'clock to two in the morning is the most active time of the body's metabolism. In this time period, good sleep quality will be more conducive to health and delay aging.

3. Poor sleep quality will cause unsatisfactory spirit during the day, inadequate attention, dizziness, decreased memory, decreased thinking ability, decreased work and learning efficiency, easy tension and irritability, unable to live in peace with people around It will be frustrated and cause sadness.

4. No good sleep quality will directly affect the body's growth and development.

5. Long -term insomnia of middle -aged and elderly people will greatly increase the incidence of certain diseases

6. The most direct impact on the body is that the weight of the hips and shoulders will compress the waist. The waist will sag because of lack of support, which will easily cause the spine to skew and The effect of mattress on sleep quality cannot be ignored.



The Effects of The Hardness of The Mattress On Sleep Quality

1. If the mattress is too soft, it will insufficient support for our spine to drink all parts of the body. When we lie down, it will lead to a state of drooping the entire body, and there is no way to get effective support. At the same time, it will be difficult when we get up, and it will easily lead to spine deformation over time.

2. If the mattress is too hard, it will not be able to make some parts of our parts be supported to suspend some parts. For example, neck and waist, etc., can easily cause bone injury such as vertebral bone, and there will be a hard and uncomfortable sleep experience.

The Ventilation Effect And Quietness of The Mattress Will Also Affect Sleep Quality

The breathability of the mattress material determines the comfort and dryness of the skin when we are in contact with the mattress for a long time. Furthermore, if the mute effect of the mattress is good, it can absorb the noise and vibration generated when we sleep, so that our sleep will not be disturbed.

So What Is A Good Mattresses Standard ?

1. The degree of fit of the mattress and the body: When we lie on the bed, the buffer layer on the surface of the mattress should be completely fitted with the soft tissue of the body, and we must not have a gap. It must be able to provide a very comfortable and soft protection for the body, reasonably disperse the body's weight, reduce the pressure of the body, and not cause the body to be oppressed because of the mattress, which causes the blood circulation to be unpleasant and difficult to fall asleep.

2. Good supporting: A spring mattress with hardness will be divided into seven bones that correctly support the body according to the natural curve of the human spine.

3. Durable: a good mattress, the quality of the spring is also very important. The quality and comfort must be guaranteed at the same time.


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