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Popular Foam Mattresses Loved By Customers In The Market

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  • Date:2022/12/01

When you're deciding on a mattress to buy, it helps to do your research before doing the "rest test." Knowing why a particular type of mattress might be more comfortable will help you bypass those that you're sure won't be comfortable. Here's what you need to know about the most popular mattress types on the market.



Pocket Spring Mattresses

Despite being at the high end of the bedding price range, pocket coil mattresses are known for their excellence and durability, and for good reason. Each spring is individually wrapped in non-woven fabric and the coils are densely packed for optimal support. The denser the coil, the more support it will provide. Pocket springs are also manufactured in different tensions – by distributing them to different zones according to human body structure, mattress manufacturer can design a custom made mattress that provides ergonomic support for various parts of the body. Nesting pocket spring mattresses not only provide great comfort, but also have other features such as:

  • Excellent durability
  • No-turn technology
  • Cooler sleep surface
  • A selection of pocket coil tensions and firmness
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Reduced pressure on hips and shoulders
  • Minimal disturbance from sleep partners


Bonnell (innerspring) Mattresses

Bonnell spring mattresses have been around for decades and continue to be popular with more budget-conscious buyers.Its price is in a lower bracket than the pocket coil systems, the springs within the Bonnell bed are not encapsulated and connected together. While they don't conform to your body shape very well or offer different ergonomic zones, innerspring mattresses are durable and provide an especially good night's sleep when topped with latex, foam, or memory foam. In a nutshell, here's what you can expect from a Bonnell mattress:

  • Good durability
  • No-turn technology in most modern brands
  • Cooler sleep surface
  • An excellent option for children, teenagers, guests rooms, and hospitality

Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses combine two or more different support systems, such as latex, pocket springs, or memory foam. These can be divided into several layers, optimizing the best performance of each system for maximum comfort and durability. Choosing the right hybrid can provide great relief for backaches, arthritis, snoring and restless companions: 

  • Good durability
  • Suitable for most types of sleeping positions
  • Many options to choose from
  • More expensive than most mattresses


Foam mattresses

Solid foam mattresses are popular because of their price tags, which are significantly lower than other types. Certain types of foam mattresses do provide a reasonable level of comfort initially, but in the long run they don't wear and tear well and can lose integrity in a short period of time. Ultimately, foam mattresses are often disappointing:

  • Poor durability
  • Poor overall ergonomic support, resulting in fatigue and body pain
  • Hot sleeping surface
  • No breathability, resulting in a build-up of sweat and grime
  • Low price for a short-term sleep solution


At Arrowsoft mattress factory, we strive to learn as much as possible about sleep science and ergonomic support, and apply that knowledge to create the best beds for our customers. Our factory direct mattress Collection is the result of this work. Browse our range of high-quality pocketed coil mattress, Bonnell range, hybrid mattresses and orthopedic beds - all made from high-grade materials and upholstered in all-natural fabrics treated with aloe vera for ultimate hygiene and protection. We want to help you get the best sleep possible within your budget - contact us to discuss the best sleep for your needs.





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