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The Best Custom Memory Foam Mattress For Side Sleepers In 2022

  • By:Arrowsoft
  • Date:2022/08/09

A quality mattress for side sleepers provides ample pressure relief around your shoulders, hips and knees (the main pressure points when sleeping on your side). So, if you're a dedicated side sleeper, the best mattress for you is a medium firm mattress with plenty of cushioning and contouring so you can sink a little but not lose your spine alignment. Memory foam is one of the most popular materials used to create the best mattress for side sleepers because it conforms to the shape of your body and provides a high level of pressure relief. This can relieve shoulder and knee pain when you press down into the mattress while sleeping on your side. It also helps relieve lower back pain that side sleepers may suffer if they don't rest on a supportive mattress that keeps their spine aligned.



We research and test the latest side sleeper mattresses to provide expert advice, then use our test data to rank them out of 10. Read our mattress approach to learn more. We've tested a variety of mattresses, and based on our research, we think the best mattress for side sleepers is the custom memory foam mattress - it's a great value, and our testers found it comfortable, supportive, and breathable. It is also good for decompression and increases overall comfort. Here, we've selected the perfect mix of affordable and luxurious options priced from under $200, so you should find something that fits your budget. Every model in our guide to the best side sleeping mattresses is also a trial version, with an average of 100 nights of use. If you change your mind during the trial, the manufacturer will refund your money and charge the mattress.



The RDIII custom memory foam mattress is a highly rated hybrid designed for side sleepers with a medium firm feel that will fit most people. However, if you prefer a softer mattress,we will have other better option for you , another comfortable side mattress that feels softer and more comfortable. There are many reasons why RDIII sits at the top of our best mattress for side sleepers guide, starting with how it provides the perfect amount of dip in the shoulders and hips to keep your spine in neutral alignment as you nap in this pose. Our testers loved sleeping on this mattress and found that it offered plenty of support for your lower back, too. With a dedicated memory foam comfort layer and support layer filled with pocketed coils, this is truly the best of both worlds for side sleepers looking for a balance of comfort and healthy spinal support.


RDIII also uses a range of material techniques to keep you cool while you sleep, not to mention how the use of coils makes it more breathable in its design. We love the soft-touch stretch comforter, which we found to be cool to the touch even in warm weather. (For more advice, read our featured answer to memory foam mattress Fever). The RDIII custom memory foam mattress also provides ample support for side sleepers with hundreds of individually wrapped 8-inch pocketed coils located on the fourth level. These also limit movement transfer from you to your partner and vice versa, so you should be less disturbed during sleep.


Above is a transition layer made of high-grade foam that provides cushioning and ergonomic support. It also acts as a breakwater between the pocketed coil layer and the memory foam layer above. Speaking of which... RDIII has a layer of hybrid memory foam that relieves pressure points and contours your body. You won't feel like you're being engulfed here alive because the memory foam isn't very thick. Overall, we recommend the RDIII pocket coil mattress to most side sleepers looking for comfort and support. If you weigh more than 250 pounds, you may get more support from RDIII. For everyone else, this is a great hybrid at a reasonable price. There are also regular coil spring mattress sales and deals for lower prices - and you usually get free pillows with your purchase. Arrowsoft custom mattresses factory also comes with a 10-year warranty.





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