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How To Get Stains Out of A Mattress Topper

  • By:Arrowsoft
  • Date:2022/06/07

If there are stains already set on your topper, you may need a different cleaning approach. Here’s how to remove stains: Choose a cleaning solution (see below).

  • Apply a small amount of the solution to a clean cloth.
  • Gently blot the stained area with a cloth soaked in the solution.
  • Use a separate cloth dampened with cold water to wipe the stained area.
  • Repeat as needed.
  • Apply baking soda and let stand for at least 8 hours to absorb moisture.
  • Vacuum the surface of the mattress and air dry.



You can use a few different cleaning solutions to remove stains from mattress protectors:


1. Enzymatic Cleaners - Commercial enzymatic cleaners are effective, especially on biological stains, such as those caused by blood, sweat, and urine. Enzymatic cleaners can be found in most grocery stores near laundry detergent.


2. Dishwashing Liquid - Using a small amount of dishwashing liquid mixed with water is also effective. Lather the mixture and use only the foam that forms on top to clean the top.


3. Vinegar – White vinegar, diluted 1:1 with water, is also effective at removing some stains.


4. Hydrogen Peroxide – Very difficult stains, such as blood, may respond better to a diluted mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water (1:1). However, keep in mind that peroxide can bleach or damage memory foam, so use it sparingly and only if other options fail.


In some cases, you may need to try several different cleaning solutions to remove stubborn stains. Ideally, you want to use a relatively small amount of the cleaner and blot it dry, not soak it. However, if the stain is deep, you may need to use more detergent and let it soak in for a while. If you do go this route, use plenty of baking soda afterwards and make sure you allow enough time for the mattress cover to dry completely. To prevent future spills and stains, we recommend using a mattress protector. Those with pets or small children should consider a waterproof mattress protector.


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