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Which Sleeping Positions Is The Best ?

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  • Date:2022/06/08

After a day of exhaustion, a good night's sleep is the most direct, effective and quickest way to restore your body. Almost everyone desires a good night's sleep. When you're looking for treatments to improve sleep quality, do you consider sleep position as a factor? Because of the habit since childhood, every time you crawl into the bed, you will naturally adapt to the most comfortable posture on your sponge mattress, but have you considered that this habitual posture is really healthy ?



In fact, there is no single sleeping position that works for everyone. There are several different sleeping positions, each with pros and cons depending on the situation. Here, we mainly learn more about back sleeping, side sleeping, and stomach sleeping. Sleeping position is adjusted throughout your body, whether before or during sleep. The surfaces that we most directly touch the mattress are our side backs and stomach. Next, let's take a look at the difference between each sleeping position.


Sleep on your side

Most Popular Side Sleeping Positions——Fetal position

Nearly half of Americans prefer to sleep in this curled-up position, with arms and legs bent inward, like a fetus in our mother's womb. Many women like this sleeping position.

Least favorite sleeping position——Log position

Arms and legs straight, sleep like a log. Despite being the least popular one, it still benefits a lot.

Yearner position

Nearly 13% of Americans prefer to sleep this way, with their arms outstretched in front of them as if they were reaching for something.


Sleep on your back

Soldier position

Some people sleep as straight as a soldier stands. About 11 percent of sleepers prefer to sleep this way -- with arms at their sides, lying on their backs.

Starfish position

This is the least common sleeping position -- with both arms up around the pillow, lying on your back like the marine animal. This position extended towards all directions.


Sleep on your stomach

The second most popular sleeping position——Freefall position

lying on your stomach with your arms up around your pillow, and your head turned to the side. However, one-quarter of all Americans consider it the worst sleeping position.


Different sleeping positions can affect your health differently



Sleep on your side:

Experts often recommend that people sleep on their side, which has many health benefits:

1. Relieve snoring: When lying on your side, you can relieve the pressure on your nose, which will make breathing easier

2. Helps relieve low back pain and improves spine alignment

3. Improves digestion, keeps your stomach down when lying on your side, which reduces stomach burning and improves blood flow, making it harder for stomach acid to rise

4. If you're a pregnant mom, sleeping on your side can reduce pressure on the uterus and relieve joint pain during pregnancy


Even though side sleeping has many benefits, it's not for everyone. If you suffer from shoulder pain then this sleeping position is not suitable.


Sleep on your back:

1. Helps relieve back pain. The head, neck and spine are maintained in a self-heating, neutral position, which reduces the chance of back pain.

2. Can relieve nasal congestion. Lying on your back helps to clear mucus from your nose and make your nose clear.

3. Suitable for babies of any age to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome.


Sleep on your stomach

Sleeping on your stomach will make your breathing easier and reduce the symptoms of sleep apnea to a certain extent. But sleeping on your stomach can also have bad effects.

1. Not conducive to spinal support, can lead to spinal misalignment, which can twist the neck

2. Feel hot easily

3. Persistent discomfort with acid reflux


Different sleeping positions have different effects on health, so which one do you belong to? If you want to know more about sleep, please contact us





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