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How To Choose The Right Mattress For Teens

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  • Date:2022/07/22

Adequate sleep is not only important for adults, but also for teens. Sleep plays an important role in the rapid development of the brain and body of adolescents, and lack of sleep can have irreversible adverse effects. From a scientific point of view, teenagers should be guaranteed at least eight hours of sleep a day. Having a mattress that fits them can help them sleep better and faster. So it is very necessary to choose a suitable mattress for your child.



Choosing a mattress for a teenager can be a daunting task, taking into account their unique needs and physical condition. Since they are in a stage of rapid growth, this also means that they will be taller and heavier. During rapid growth, they need to manage growing pains, so a comfortable sleeping surface is also important for them. A suitable memory foam mattress will make them have a better sleep experience and enjoy the sleep time better.


Mattress Type

Usually we distinguish different mattress types according to the internal structure of the mattress. There are five main types of mattresses on the market: hybrid spring mattresses, traditional innerspring mattresses, memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses, and air mattresses. Next we’ll focus on four of them: hybrid mattresses, traditional innerspring mattresses, memory foam mattresses, and latex mattresses.


Hybrid mattresses consist primarily of a coiled core support layer and a top comfort layer. If picking a mattress for a teen, I think a hybrid mattress would be the best fit. Because their innerspring layer provides reliable and long-lasting support, while the comfort layer helps them relieve pressure and improve comfort. The Hybrid mattresses can have many different types design, such as the two edge hybrid mattress,pillow top hybrid mattress and box top hybrid mattress


The main structure of the traditional inner mattress pocket spring is only the spring coil layer, and there is no other additional comfort layer design except for the bottom and top opportunities of the coil. But some manufacturers add a thin layer of cotton or sponge to the top and top as a cushioning layer to prevent the cover from fraying. Opting for innerspring mattresses won't provide much pressure relief, but they will be more affordable in terms of price.The traditional inner spring mattress we also call traditional coil spring mattress.


Memory foam mattresses and high-density foam mattresses are one of the more popular types of mattresses. They provide better contoured support and pressure cushioning, ensuring responsive and spinal alignment support for sleepers The internal structure of latex mattresses is mainly composed of latex. Latex is classified as industrial synthetic or natural. High-quality latex mattresses are mostly made of natural latex, which has good allergy, elasticity and fit. If the sleeper's skin is very sensitive, a latex mattress will be a good choice. It can provide a healthy, safe and comfortable sleep experience.


Mattress Firmness

For teens, a mattress with firmness between 5 (moderately soft) to 7 (moderately firm) is most appropriate.


Personal Preferences

Depends on the firmness of the mattress by the teen. Some people prefer firmness, while others prefer the feeling of sleeping on a cloud.


Sleeping Position

Side sleepers typically need medium-soft mattresses to relieve pressure points at the hips and shoulders. Back and stomach sleepers tend to prefer firmer options that prevent improper sinking of the lumbar region, leading to unnatural curvature of the spine. In Arrowsoft, we have many different type mattresses can offer to you to choose,such as custom made mattresses, pocket coil mattress and so on. if you still don’t know which model should you choose, please do not hesitate to contact us.





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