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What Kind of Mattress Is Suitable For Pregnant Women

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  • Date:2022/06/27
Mattress For Pregnant Women

Many pregnant women have the same problem - getting a good night's sleep is really hard. Due to changes in the body's hormone levels during pregnancy, there will be various obvious changes in the body, such as being more sensitive to noise and smell than before pregnancy, and some pregnancy reactions may also affect the quality of sleep. Getting a good night's sleep is important for soon-to-be mothers. Good sleep quality can help make pregnant women have a good mental state and better development of babies. So, let's begin from custom made mattress !




In the third trimester of pregnancy, if there is sleep disturbance, it will actually have a negative impact on childbirth and delivery. Therefore, if there are pregnant women at home, when choosing a mattress, the first thing to consider is what kind of mattress should be chosen to help pregnant women sleep well, so that pregnant women can reduce the fatigue caused by pregnancy, so that Comfort after baby is born.


Often, doctors recommend that pregnant women sleep on their side, especially in the second and third trimesters. But some pregnant women find that when they sleep on their side, their latex hybrid mattress is less comfortable than when they sleep on their backs or their stomachs.


When choosing a mattress for pregnant women, in addition to considering the hardness of the mattress, the effect of the mattress isolation movement and temperature adjustment should also be considered. If the effect of the mattress isolation movement is good, it can reduce the impact on pregnant women when the partner moves. Due to hormonal imbalance during pregnancy, many pregnant women are more likely to feel hot, so the temperature regulation ability of the mattress also needs to be considered, of course, you can adopt the custom made mattress from our Arrowsoft mattress.


So what kind of mattress is suitable for pregnant women?

Foam mattresses——Foam mattresses are usually filled with multiple layers of foam or memory foam. The foam conforms to the shape of the body and relieves pressure points more effectively to promote spinal alignment. The resilience and adjustability of memory foam seem to be tailored for pregnant women. However, because the high density foam mattress will have a warm effect when you sleep, you can consider to choose the cool gel foam mattress for pregnant women, so that the mattress has a cooling effect.


Latex mattresses——Latex mattresses can be divided into natural latex mattresses and synthetic latex mattresses. Compared with synthetic latex mattresses, more people will choose natural latex mattresses, which can better fit the body shape, which can better relieve the sleep pressure of pregnant women. Compared with foam mattresses, natural latex mattresses have better temperature regulation and minimal air volume. It is a good choice for pregnant women.


Hybrid mattresses——Hybrid mattresses are those that combine different materials with springs. Usually the comfort layers of such mattresses are thick enough to provide adequate pressure relief for pregnant women, and the springs increase air flow and support inside the mattress. At the same time, the motion isolation function of the best hybrid mattress is also a good choice for pregnant women, so that they will not be disturbed by their partners.


A suitable mattress will bring you a good pregnancy experience. So hurry up and choose a mattress that belongs to you. As a professional mattress manufacturer, we have many different type mattress for you to choose, such as best latex hybrid mattress,memory foam hybrid mattress,pillow top hybrid mattress and so on, just contact us to know more.





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