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5 Types Of Common Mattress For Family

  • By:Arrowsoft
  • Date:2022/06/29

Everyone who browses our website must have a mattress purchase need. In order to better help you choose the mattress that suits you, next I will introduce you to different types of mattresses. When it comes to mattresses, many people think that it is just a very simple product, and even some people have no knowledge of mattresses, they will think that all mattresses are the same. In reality, however, mattresses are more responsible than they realize. A mattress can be composed of many different materials, and different combinations will have different effects. The combination of this internal structure will directly determine the feel of the mattress and the time of use.


Usually we define the type of memory foam hybid mattress according to the material filled inside. Different types of mattresses will have different functions. Therefore, knowing the different types of mattresses can go a long way in your selection of mattresses. Every sleeper has their own preferences and needs, which means no mattress is right for everyone. To find out which mattress is right for you, read on.



Common Mattress Types

1. Memory foam mattress

If you're a side sleeper, I think you'll love a good memory foam mattress. It can provide good support and comfort. Memory foam mattresses are the most popular because they gradually combine according to your body shape as you sleep. When you sleep on your side, your shoulders and hips will feel well supported. A memory foam mattress will give you the feeling of being wrapped around your body. The good thing about memory foam mattresses is that they contain multiple layers of foam to prevent sinking in the middle, and you don't need to flip the mattress too often.


2. Cool gel foam mattress

Cool gel memory foam mattresses are slightly different from memory foam mattresses. Gel memory foam mattress will have the effect of heat dissipation. If you don't like the ability of a foam mattress to absorb body heat, a gel memory foam mattress is a good choice for you. So you need to test which one you like better.


3. Innerspring Mattress

An innerspring mattress, as the name implies, has a spring as a support layer inside the mattress. The support of the spring mattress can be adjusted to achieve different hardness by adjusting the wire diameter of the steel wire. And the number and distribution of coils determines how well the mattress fits your body. People who sleep on their backs, sides, and tummy can feel comfortable on the correct type of spring mattress.


4. Air Mattress

Air mattresses are supported by inflating air. Air mattresses are also adjustable, allowing you to freely adjust the tightness of the mattress. Some mattresses allow you to adjust for specific areas. Air mattresses are very suitable for people who sleep on their backs and couples who have different mattress firmness requirements.


5. Hybrid Mattress

A hybrid mattress is a combination of a foam mattress and an innerspring mattress. Now it is becoming more and more popular in the market.There are many different types hybrid mattress, such as the memory foam hybrid mattress,hybrid mattress topper and so on. The comfort layer of a hybrid mattress can give you the softness of different materials and also provide you with good support through springs.



There are many types of mattresses, but the most important thing is to make you feel comfortable. I hope you can find a mattress that suits you. No matter which type mattress do you need, just contact us, we also can offer to you. Just contact us to get the best memory foam mattress deals. Waiting for your feedback.





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