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What Is The Latex Foam Mattress ?

  • By:JLH
  • Date:2022/02/18

Mattresses that are usually combined with springs and latex are called latex foam mattresses. Latex is a material made from natural and synthetic materials. Natural latex is extracted from rubber tree plums, so latex mattresses do not produce pungent odors or chemicals. This is why latex mattresses have long been favored by everyone. For those who prefer environmentally friendly mattresses, Choose the best latex foam mattresses will be suitable for their sleeping experience.



Compared with latex mattresses, memory foam mattresses are also favored by many customers. There are even many customers who are confused between these two mattresses and don't know which mattress to choose. Let me take you today to find the answers you want. ARROWSOFT as one of the best mattress manufacturers in China, we have very professional in the mattress. In order to be more convincing, we have experimented with memory foam mattresses and latex bed mattresses.


We used an equally heavy bowling ball to throw at the mattress from a height at the same time. At the moment the bowling ball falls, we can clearly see that the bowling ball will rebound when it falls on the latex mattress, but when it falls on the memory foam mattress, the bowling ball will hardly rebound. This shows that memory foam mattresses are more wrapping than latex mattresses. If you like to move when you sleep, latex mattresses will make you move better, memory foam mattresses will be more difficult to move.


Many people will consider a point when choosing a mattress, that is, the breathability of the mattress. Compared with latex, memory foam retains heat more easily, so when you use a memory foam mattress, you will find that you start to feel warm after sleeping for a while. But latex is a material that cannot hold heat, so it will keep you cooler than a memory foam mattress. So if you are afraid of heat, a latex bed mattress will be a good choice.


Memory foam and latex are both very durable materials. However, high density memory foam allowing for a better contouring of your body shape and therefore less pressure placed on the areas of your body that press harder against the bed. supporting each part of your body evenly and individually so your spine stays in a neutral position the entire time. This reduces pressure points and helps reduce tossing and turning at night. After a series of comparisons, do you already know which mattress is more suitable for you ?



 Latex Bed Mattress


  • When you sleep, you will feel cool
  • More responsive with a higher bounce back capacity
  • More eco-friendly
  • Typically longer lasting


Disadvantage :

  • Not as great with pressure relief
  • The price will be higher than other types mattress



Memory Foam Mattress

Advantage :

  • It can pressure and pain relief
  • Less noisy
  • Soft and can cover the body perfectly



  • Traps heat
  • It is hard for you to move
  • Least bounce back quality


Hurry up and choose the mattress that suits you according to the characteristics of these two mattresses. If you don't think either mattress is right for you, that's okay. As one of the best mattress manufacturers, the mattress we can offer you is certainly not limited to just these two types of mattresses. Just contact us, we will provide you with more different styles to choose from.






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