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What is Custom Mattresses?

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  • Date:2021/11/01

Custom mattresses can mean different things, depending on the manufacturer. For many people, the term refers to mattresses in a very wide range of sizes. These are usually used for specific purposes, such as RV or truck beds and non-standard bed frames, as well as unusually shaped rooms.

The next layer of customization usually involves the firmness of the personalized bed. While many standard mattresses have multiple hardness options, custom mattresses usually allow customers to choose the desired hardness without restriction. Depending on the manufacturer, this can be applied to the entire sleeping surface or the split side of the bed. The mattress itself can usually be purchased in standard or custom sizes.

Custom vs. Customizable

Custom mattresses are different from customizable mattresses that shoppers might find in the market. Customizable mattresses provide buyers with a series of pre-determined options to choose from, including mattresses, stiffness options, heights, and designs. Although these beds provide more options for shoppers looking for the perfect bed, they are not considered customized.

How to Choose a Custom Mattress

Custom mattresses are unique in nature, but there are still common factors that all potential buyers should consider. Choosing the best custom made mattress requires understanding what to look for in a mattress. We will introduce you to some of the most important considerations and how these factors differ between custom mattresses and standard mattresses. We will also explain the different types of customized mattresses on the market so that you have a broad understanding of your choices.


Reliable Manufacturers are Important

If you want to buy a customized mattress, it is very important to find the reliable and best mattress manufacturer. If you come into contact with unreliable mattress manufacturers, the marketing terms they use are often unhelpful or misleading. Although many companies promote their products as universal comfort, each customer has different requirements for comfort. What is comfortable for one person may make another person sleep restlessly at night.

Rather than relying on online promotion and marketing, it is better to trust the Airo mattress factory with more than 20 years of experience and explain your unique needs and preferences, as well as price, quality, and other factors, so that you can find the most customized mattress that best suits your needs.


Customized mattresses are usually more expensive than ordinary standard mattresses. Different from making standard mattresses, when making custom mattresses, mattress manufacturers waste a lot of raw materials, but the price of premium custom mattresses is still much lower than the cost of luxury beds. The price often depends on the degree of customization.

What is Custom Mattresses?

Quality Materials

A custom mattress is an investment, and most clients want to make sure that the mattress does not start to wear out in a short period of time. Although a normal mattress has a lifespan of 6 to 8 years, you can extend its lifespan by ensuring that a customized mattress is made of high-quality materials. Most manufacturers will provide detailed information about the various materials they use, but buyers should consider conducting their own research before making a decision.

Hardness level

Although many people like soft latex pillow top mattresses, the ideal mattress hardness is closely related to the sleeper's weight and sleeping posture.

People who lie on their backs and those weighing between 130 and 230 pounds generally prefer a medium to medium-firm mattress. Side sleepers and people under 130 pounds tend to choose the softer option, while bedridden people and people over 230 pounds find the stronger model more supportive. These differences are due to the subjective nature of the need for support and mattress stiffness.

Depending on the mattress manufacturer, shoppers can choose between predetermined hardness levels, or they can completely customize the feel of the mattress.


The standard size of each country is different, if you want to customize the size, you can explain your specific mattress size to the mattress manufacturer. In addition to the six standard mattress sizes, there are many non-standard sizes to choose from. These include extra-large beds like Kings of Alaska and Kings of Texas, as well as mattresses suitable for RV, pickup trucks, and semi-truck beds.

What is Custom Mattresses?

Edge Support

Sitting on the side of a mattress with poorly supported edges will cause the bed to sag, and the mattresses’ periphery will support the sleeper less than the center of the mattress. The edge support largely depends on the structure of the bed. Foam mattresses tend to underperform in this category, while inner springs and hybrid mattresses generally rank well. Features such as peripheral reinforcement can provide excellent edge support for foam and hybrid mattresses.





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