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The Best Mattress For Those Suffering From Chronic Back Pain

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  • Date:2022/07/04

Did you know that back pain is more common than you think? Do most people wake up with back pain (upper, middle or lower) because of a bad mattress? This kind of back pain problem is easy to avoid as long as you know how to choose which custom size memory foam mattress is effective for back pain. Sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress can not only give you chronic back pain, but it can also disrupt your sleep and affect your focus and quality of sleep. Things to look out for when choosing the best pocket spring mattress for back pain: A mattress that meets the following points is the best mattress for back pain:


How To Choose The Best Mattress For Back Pain

Maximum support for the spinal cord: People with low back pain are the most common. Low back pain can radiate down the neck to the end of the spinal cord. Which is best mattresses for low back pain? When you lie in bed, your body is constantly supported and in full contact with the mattress, ensuring that your body weight is evenly distributed, this is the best mattress that most suit for you. This helps keep your spine as straight as it should be.  


Mattress Firm: Firmness refers to how soft or firm a mattress is. While each manufacturer can use its own method to measure and describe hardness, we use a standard 10-point scale. Softer mattresses are on the lower end, while harder surfaces are on the higher end.The firmness of the mattress can be determined according to each person's situation. However, if your old mattress is giving you back pain,and make you very uncomfortable in the morning, then you should take a look at the other hardness mattresses, which are firmer and support your body better than soft mattresses. Determining which firmness level is right for you can be challenging. Factors such as your body type and your preferred sleep position impact how the bed performs, and no single firmness level is ideal for all sleepers


Sleeping position: The one of the most important factor to choose what type of mattress to use for back pain is the sleeping position. Depending on whether you are a side sleeper, a back sleeper or a stomach sleeper, the best indian mattresses for back pain are designed for the sleeping position. Experts recommend that side sleepers use a slightly softer mattress, back sleepers use a medium-firm mattress, and stomach sleepers use a slightly firmer mattress.


Balance between comfort and back support: In addition to adequate back support, comfort level must also be considered when choosing a mattress for back pain. Sleeping on a mattress that is too hard or too soft can cause aches and pains in the back, buttocks, etc. Therefore, the Custom size memory foam mattress for back pain is a medium firm mattress as it is more comfortable and allows the body to sink in a little. The best foam mattresses online use thicker padding for comfortable back support.


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Mattress For Back Pain 

Let’s take a look at three different kinds of mattresses, and see which mattress for back pain works best:


Latex Mattress: A latex mattress is great for those who naturally sweat while sleeping, thanks to its needle core that provides relief at night. This mattress is also the good choice for back pain sleeper, as the sponge-like material is somewhat firm and pushes the body upwards, helping to adjust itself to the natural body contours. As such, it helps relieve stress while maintaining spinal alignment. But be sure to do proper maintenance, as they will absorb moisture from the environment and start to rot on their own. If you're looking for mattress answers for back pain,Latex can also give you the comfort you need.


Spring mattresses: Pocket spring mattresses are made of thousands of individual springs that gently support the contours of the body. The pocket spring mattress is recommended for those who like to sleep on a mattress with good support. When you lie on this mattress, Your body will feel the support from the spring, making it comfortable.


Memory Foam Mattresses: Because it is very important to keep your spinal cord aligned when you lie down to sleep, memory foam mattresses are highly recommended and are the best  mattresses for side sleeper. It provides lumbar support by keeping the spine aligned with the mattress, as it should be, without any gaps in between. The firm base combined with the plush memory foam layer makes it the best mattress for back pain relief as the overall feel reaches a medium firmness. Check out the best foam mattresses online and find one that fits your requirements. So memory foam mattresses seem to be the answer to back pain mattresses





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