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Sleeping Quality Test For The Best Mattress Experience

  • By:Arrowsoft
  • Date:2022/04/07

Different sleeping positions and different mattresses will bring you different sleeping experiences. So what is a good sleeping position and what is a bad sleeping position? According to incomplete statistics, 80% of people have different sleep problems. Such as low back pain, insomnia, shoulder pain and other problems. Feelings like these problems can be exacerbated by sleeping in the wrong position and the bad quality mattress. First and foremost, you can test your sleep quality first.



Test: The Quality Of Your Sleep

Five criteria for quality sleep:

1. Fall asleep in 10-20 minutes.

2. Wake up more than 5 minutes not more than once.

3. Sleep without frightmare and forget quickly after waking up from the dream.

4. Wake up in the morning, you will feel energetic and not fatigue.

5. Sleep with no or little nightmares or abnormal behaviors.


Each standard 20 points, a total of 100 points, calculate how many points can you get ? 

A wrong sleeping position and a bad quality mattress can exacerbate all kinds of discomfort. In other words, your health is directly reflected in the quality of your sleep. Today, we will analyze what kind of mattress is most popular with the market and customers from the mattress aspect. I have heard from many clients that they want to find a hotel style mattress. Because they feel very comfortable when they sleep on the hotel. Why the customer will think the hotel style mattress is nice? Because the mattress is the soul of a hotel. Many hotel owners are never sloppy when it comes to choosing a mattress.


So what kind of the mattress does the hotel choose most ?

Take a five-star hotel as an example, they generally use the memory foam spring mattress queen size mattress. Why is the memory foam spring mattress queen size mattress? Just because the memory foam is a very comfortable material, it can support each part of your body evenly and individually so your spine stays in a neutral position the entire time. This reduces pressure points and helps reduce tossing and turning at night. And the spring system they will choose the firm spring, it can provide the good support at the bottom. Hotel mattresses combine the advantages of various materials to provide customers with a good sleep in all aspects.This is why many customers want to choose a hotel type mattress. Some customers will said the hotel mattress can give them the feeling which like sleep on the cloud. Are you excited when you see this? Just contact us , Arrowsoft can offer this type mattress:)



In fact, a soft king size mattress that suits you not only allows you to have a good sleep quality but also you can maintain and improve your good posture. So if you got the low points, just try to replace your mattress. Of course, there are still many different types hotel mattresses. We can customize the mattress base on your budget, the feeling and the star of the hotel. If you want to know more, just contact us to get more information.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us. If you want to find a european size mattress supplier to get your mattress at once, I think it is not easy for you. There are many european size mattress suppliers don’t have the mattress in stock, because different customers have different specification, generally we will customize the mattress base on the customer’s requirement. So if you want to get a hotel mattress, just contact us quickly, the earlier you contact, the earlier you get the mattress. We will 24 hours online to wait your inquiry. Hope can have chance to work with you and provide you with a mattress that makes you satisfied.





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