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Sleep Well Mattress Makes You Enjoy Whole Wonderful Night

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  • Date:2022/09/07

In the state of deep sleep, good sleep will be more conducive to the repair and regeneration of each cell, so having good sleep is very important for our physical and mental health. Reasonable eating habits and regular exercise habits can replenish energy for the body. At the same time, it is also beneficial to regulate various physiological functions and reduce the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. So how can we have a good night's sleep with a sleepwell mattressThe Sleepwell mattress is made from 100% natural latex, keeping you cool in the summer and toasty warm in the winter. Its perfect firmness, balance of support, and air flow make it the perfect mattress for your sleep needs.

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What Are The Golden Rules To Have A Good Sleep ?

1. maintain a regular routine

How can we develop a regular routine? We can formulate what needs to be done in each time period. Work and rest according to the prescribed time every day, go to bed on time and wake up on time every day. Many people have the habit of playing mobile phones or games before going to bed. This habit will not only occupy our sleep time, but also make the brain nerves in a state of excitement. In fact, using electronic products before going to bed has another bad effect. Radiation from cushion products can affect the nervous system, make it easier to wake up, and make it difficult to fall asleep or stay in a light sleep state. So in order to have a better sleep, we should stop using all mat products half an hour before we go to bed. Rather than using electronics, I recommend reading some useful books before bed.


2. Develop a good nap habit

Taking a nap every day will make you more energized and more productive for work and life. Even if you sleep for half an hour, that will lift your spirits. Especially in summer, the days are long and the nights are short, and some people have poor sleep quality. Coupled with the heat, it will make people more likely to feel tired. If you take time to take a nap every day, you will find that your mental state will be significantly different than if you don't take a nap


3. Create a good sleeping environment

What is a good sleeping environment? Be sure to turn off the lights before going to bed, because a dark environment will be more conducive to the production of melatonin, which will help you fall asleep faster. If you sleep with the light on, it will destroy melatonin and cause psychological and physical disturbances in people. Moreover, the indoor temperature should be maintained at a suitable temperature, and it is best to control the room temperature at 20 degrees Celsius. The hygiene of the bedroom should also be kept in good condition at all times, with frequent cleaning and changing of sheets and bedding.


4. Adjust your daily eating habits

Eating habits and sleep quality are also closely related. You can't eat too much or not eat dinner. You need to take in a little bit at dinner time every day to maintain the energy your body needs. But we don't recommend eating any food in the four hours before bed. If you are really hungry, you can drink a glass of milk. For getting a good mattress to improve your sleep quality, Arrowsoft mattress is your best choice!We have the best pocket coil mattress, hotel style mattress, and gel memory mattress topper. We still have many different types sponge mattresses, please contact us to know more !



Should Replace Existing Bed Frame When Buying A New Mattress?

When shopping for a new custom size foam mattress, many people prefer to use the idea of keeping the existing base, thus saving their mattress budget. This guide explains why this is always a good idea when answering questions. Should I replace my existing bed frame when buying a new mattress? In an ideal world, it would always be wise to replace the bed base when changing mattresses. However, due to budget and other circumstances, we understand that this may not always be possible. If you don't want to buy a new base, you should inspect your existing sofa bed to make sure it's in good condition for your new furniture mattress.


First, check the existing base for sagging, misplaced springs (spring bases), squeaks . If you find any of these, it is definitely recommended that you replace them. Second, look for any drawer damage, make sure all casters/feet are present and the base halves are connected and aligned. Remember, if your pocket coil mattress is on a bed frame or bed base, that's another story. In this case, you need to make sure that the frame is strong, level, there are no missing parts (slats, bolts or other fittings), all screws and bolts are tightened and the frame is installed without making any noise when it is in use. In addition, when shopping for a new mattress for a bed frame, it's important to make sure the custom size foam mattress fits. There are many mattresses that are not designed for a slatted base. If this is the case, a sofa or other form of platform top base is required.

Reasons For Purchasing An Replacement Base

While it's not detrimental, in most cases, bases, especially box spring, are designed to work with the mattress that the manufacturer has paired. This is to ensure that the mattress is durable and works as designed. When buying together, the cost is usually much lower than when buying individually, so if you find that you do need a new base in the next few weeks, you may end up paying more than you would when buying together. In many cases, mattresses purchased with a specified base can have a longer warranty or warranty period. This is due to manufacturers not knowing what base they are using. So they offer the best manufacturer guarantees and warranties when they know the basics your memory foam mattress uses. An old base that looked good could have hidden problems that could ruin your new mattress in a few months. From the outside, the base may look fine, but invisible issues like the frame or springs may be faulty.  

Should Replace Existing Bed Base When Purchasing A New Mattress ?

Most thick king size mattresses are replaced between 6 and 10 years, so in most cases the base is usually just as old. This could mean that the technology used in the base (especially the spring base) may be outdated and its components are no longer in optimal condition. BVBNSo if your base is also used for five or six years, we strongly recommend that you do so. If budget or other circumstances mean that you cannot change your base, make sure your current base is in good condition. If your existing base is in poor condition, it is best to purchase at least one low-cost, platform-top, non-storage base. As a last resort, even a dry, smooth and flat floor is better than a damaged old base. At the same time, we also advice you choose our memory foam coil mattress, why do this, please keep reading.


After replace the bed base, we suggest you choosing a memory foam coil mattress rather than the spring mattress. While springs offer stability, memory foam provides a hugging feel and is ideal for reducing back pain. In addition, memory foam has excellent conformity. In comparison, spring mattresses lack conformity and are prone to sagging or poking. Moreover, memory foam is best suited for people suffering from severe back pain, as it can accommodate the natural curvature of the spine, keeping the spine in alignment and reducing the risk of pressure formation. Memory foam works by moulding around your body when pressure is applied. The material responds to body heat, relieving pressure points and allowing you to sleep better. Memory foam also helps reduce motion transfer and noise from the floor. It also provides adequate edge support, such as the Super Soft Memory Coil Mattress.


Despite their benefits, memory foam is not always the right choice for everyone. Its density can make it uncomfortable to sleep on, particularly for those with allergies. Some people are also sensitive to heat, which can make a memory foam mattress uncomfortable for them. Fortunately, mattress manufacturers have developed solutions to combat this problem. Most memory foam mattresses now incorporate cooling features to help prevent overheating. Arrowsoft memory foam coil mattress is often a good choice for those who prefer a more supportive sleep surface. A higher coil count means less chance of sinking and better overall durability. This mattress is also a more affordable option. In addition, it is easy to flip, which is a great feature for those who need to sleep on their sides.


Best Pocket Coil Mmattress

How To Balance The Coil Mattress And Use Habits ?

While memory foam is a comfortable material to sleep on, it's not always responsive enough for quick movement. For this reason, many manufacturers have created hybrid mattresses that combine memory foam with a coil support system to allow air to circulate without compromising comfort. A memory foam hybrid mattress is also breathable, so it's great for people who are hot or who need motion transfer. One of the major drawbacks of a memory foam coil mattress is that it has little edge support, meaning that it will sink in at the edges of the mattress. As a result, it's more likely to break down near the edges, so it's important to get one with adequate edge support.


Memory foam coil mattresses are an excellent choice for sleepers who tend to have sensitive areas and like a firm mattress. However, if you're a side sleeper, you might want a medium-soft mattress with more cushioning around these sensitive areas. A medium-firm mattress can prevent you from sinking and will properly align your spine. You can choose between a memory foam coil mattress and a spring coil mattress by comparing them side by side. Compared to spring mattresses, memory foam is more durable and lasts longer. Coils and springs in innerspring mattresses can wear out in just three to five years, while a memory foam mattress can last for seven years or more. In addition, the foam molds to your body and prevents pressure buildup and muscle strain. If you're a side sleeper, a softer memory foam mattress might be more comfortable. For those who sleep on their side or are a combination sleeper, an innerspring bed may be the better option.


Custom Size Foam Mattress


Thus, What Is The Right mattress?

Aside from personal preference, a major factor in choosing the right mattress is the health of your spine. The spine naturally has three slight curves, and they need to be supported even if you are level. A good mattress will keep your body in a neutral position. This means that your spine will maintain a natural slight curvature, and your head, shoulders, hips and heels will be aligned. On a perfect mattress, you should have no pressure at all, as if you were floating. Over time, the right mattress can relax muscles, promote better sleep, and even improve posture. The wrong mattress can cause you to wake up with back pain, especially around the base of your spine, and more generally interfere with healthy sleep.


The Difference Between Hard And Soft

The obvious difference between a hard mattress over a soft mattress is the feel. Firm mattresses are firmer to the touch and have less elasticity. Softer mattresses compress more easily when pressure is applied. It's worth noting that mattress feel isn't just divided into two categories -- it's more of a range. This means there are many options, both positive and negative. All types of mattresses can be made from all materials. The firmness or softness of a mattress depends on the spring tension or the general tension of the structure within the mattress. However, a mattress may also include an outer layer or some upholstery that affects perceived firmness. For example, memory foam pads can give a superficial feeling of firmness but don't actually have the characteristics of a truly firm mattress. There are different budgets for both types of mattresses. However, it's worth spending a little extra to get what you want.


If you require any further information or would like advice for how to choose the firmness when purchasing a new mattress, please call our arrowsoft sales team today or send out your inquiry. We have hundreds of mattresses, headboards bedsteads and bases in stock all ready for quick delivery.Stay tuned for updates on our website, in the next article we will talk about the pros and cons of hard mattresses and the pros and cons of soft mattresses and their uses. For these reasons, we have to say a good custom size mattress is the foundation of a good night's sleep, so choosing the right mattress for you is really a big decision. People spend a third of your time on it, and unsatisfactory sleep affects the rest of your life. Getting quality, restful sleep is critical to overall health and well-being. The sheer variety of pocket coil mattress options on the market makes the final decision more tricky than ever. When it comes to mattress buying, one of the biggest decisions is choosing between buying a firm mattress versus a soft mattress. Both have their pros and cons, and are really a very personal choice. 





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