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How To Choose A Mattress For Hotel ?

  • By:Arrowsoft
  • Date:2022/03/15

Do you know what is the soul of a hotel ? Decoration, atmosphere or hotel class? No, it’s mattress. A good quality and comfortable mattress is very important for a hotel, it will be one of the reasons why customers choose your hotel again. So what types of the mattress are suitable for your hotel? Let's explore more next. Hotels can be divided into many different grades, such as budget hotels, three-star hotels, and five-star hotels. Different grades of hotels will also choose corresponding different mattresses. Arrowsoft as one of the world wholesale mattress suppliers, we will give you some suggestions as follow:



Budget Hotel

When choosing a mattress for a budget hotel, do you feel that you can choose a mattress of average quality but a cheap price? If you really think so, I hope you will listen to my advice carefully next. Although your hotel is positioned as a budget hotel, the mattress also needs to be of good quality and comfort. Because a good quality mattress can save you the cost of a second purchase. If your perception of mattresses is that a good mattress must be expensive, then you are wrong. Mattresses come in many different styles, such as foam mattress, memory foam mattress, latex mattress , two edge mattress, pillow top mattress and so on. However, if you want to control costs but also want good quality, two edge foam pocket spring mattress will be your best choice. Using 3cm foam on the top and use the pocket spring system, it will be comfortable.


Why do I recommend this type mattress to you? There are many wholesale mattress suppliers will use the bonnell spring system inside the mattress to save the money, but generally speaking, the maximum height of the large core spring can only be 18cm, which is the most guaranteed height for the quality of the products. So if you want to change the thickness of the mattress, you only can fill more materials inside the mattress. But if you choose the pocket spring mattress, we can adjust the thickness by change the height of the spring. And compare with the feeling of the bonnell spring, the pocket spring mattress will be more comfortable.


Three-Star Hotel

Generally, many people find the mattress for the three star hotel, they will find the luxury model. There are many luxury mattress manufacturers will have different recommendation, so what type of the mattress should you choose for the 3 star hotel? I think is the memory foam pocket spring box top mattress will be a good choice. Using some memory foam inside the mattress will have a soft feeling. It will cove the people’s body base on their shape. It can offer the comfortable feel and a good sleep experience to the customers.



Five-star Hotel

Five-star hotels all have one thing in common: luxury. Every hotel will have its own opinion on the sleep experience, but they all know that a good night's sleep is invaluable as a perch during your travels. Therefore, five-star hotels also have strict requirements for purchasing 5 star hotel mattress and take them to a new level. Because they know what travelers need. Most of them, they will choose the euro top mattress and fill some meory foam and latex inside the mattress. The memory foam will provide the comfortable feeling and the latex will good for the healthy. This design is very considerate to take care of the customer's experience


Arrowsoft as one of the luxury mattress manufacturers, we can provide many different type mattresses for you. No matter the budget hotel mattress or the 5 star hotel mattress, we also keep the good quality. So if you have any requirement of the mattress, please let us know. We will 24 hours online to wait for you.





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