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Firm Mattress Or Soft Mattress-Which Will You Choose ?

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  • Date:2022/12/23

I believe most people will agree on one thing, that is, when we go to buy a mattress, it will make us a little overwhelmed. Whether you choose online shopping or shopping in stores, you will find hundreds of mattresses for you to choose from. You will be faced with a variety of different types and sizes, which makes it even more difficult for you to choose. In addition, buying a mattress is also a huge investment, so you need to make a careful decision.


For many purchasers, the most direct way to judge a mattress is to describe it through the sense of sleep. So when you start to consider purchasing mattresses, you should consider one question: Do I want a hard mattress or a soft mattress? In fact, this is a good starting point, because at least you will know clearly what kind of mattress you want, instead of blindly choosing a mattress without knowing or demanding anything about it. The hardness of the mattress will directly affect the comfort and support of your sleeping on the mattress. If it comes down to personal preferences, this is very important, but both hard mattresses and soft mattresses have some more objective advantages and disadvantages.  With regard to the relevant contents of hard mattresses and soft mattresses, we have compiled the following guidelines so that shoppers who are confused when purchasing mattresses can choose the most suitable mattress for them.


What Makes A Mattress Firm or Soft?

First of all, most of the mattress company will use a scale of 1-10 to distinguish the hardness of the mattress. Similarly, Arrowsoft uses the same criteria. In our opinion, 6.5 is of medium hardness. If it is lower than 6.5, it is soft. Similarly, if it is higher than 6.5, the mattress is hard. The hardness and softness of a mattress mainly depend on its internal structure and materials. For example, the innerspring mattress without or only with a very thin comfort layer will be more solid. Of course, different springs will also affect the hardness and support of the mattress, but generally speaking, the hardness of the mattress with innerspring will be higher than the average level. Use latex mattresses as an example. Generally, latex mattresses are stronger and more supportive; Compared with sponge, latex is a very durable and dense material.


When it comes to foam, memory foam mattresses are usually softer than ordinary sponge mattresses or latex mattresses. Memory foam is known for its comfortable sleep and excellent decompression effect. If the customer prefers a soft sleep, we suggest that he choose a luxury memory foam mattress, Some customers already have mattresses, but they still don't think the comfort of the original mattress can reach the softness they want. At this time, we can also change the softness and hardness of this mattress. We can provide him with the best memory foam mattress topper for use on the mattress, so that he can also enjoy a soft sleep.


But we can't judge that the mattress will be softer than the average mattress just because it has memory sponge or soft sponge. We need to judge the softness and hardness of the mattress by the thickness of the comfort layer. Arrowsoft, as a professional wholesale mattress company, provides customers with many different types of mattresses. Some of our mattresses have a thin layer of memory sponge, but they are also very firm. But some mattresses use very thick memory sponges, so this type of mattresses will be more soft


In conclusion, the judgment of the hardness and softness of the mattress will be subjective, and it will depend on the size and weight of the sleeper. People with light weight may feel that the mattress with thick memory sponge layer on the top will be very soft, but people with large size may directly press over the comfort layer, thus feeling that the mattress will be slightly harder. Similarly, heavier people will press the spring when sleeping on the mattress with built-in spring, so they will feel the spring mattress is more soft, while lighter people may feel the mattress is harder because their weight cannot compress the spring.



A firm mattress has many advantages, the most outstanding of which is its good supportability. Compared with the soft mattress, the hard mattress will be more supportive and better support the body, rather than allowing the sleeper to sleep deeply. Lying on a firm mattress, many people will feel that they sleep on the mattress, and they will even feel that it should be no problem for them to walk on the mattress. The hard mattress will be cooler than the soft mattress and will lie on the top of the mattress more. The area of the body exposed to the flowing air will be larger. However, there are both advantages and disadvantages. Although the firm mattress can provide good support, it is not good for relieving pressure. Side sleepers lie on the mattress explained, they will feel the pressure on their shoulders and hips can not be released. So as we said above, there are subjective factors in the comfort of mattresses, and not everyone will feel that firm mattresses are comfortable



When it comes to soft mattresses, the biggest highlight is that they can better reduce pressure on all parts of the sleeper. And the soft mattress will make the side sleeper sink slightly, reducing the pressure on the shoulders and hips. Compared with the hard mattress, people usually feel that the soft mattress is more comfortable. Although the soft mattress is relatively soft and can relieve pressure, many sleepers will feel it lacks support when lying on the soft mattress. If the sleeper is heavy, they will find that they cannot provide enough support when lying on their back or on their stomach. When sleepers sleep on soft mattresses, they will find it difficult to move or change positions at night. Compared with sleeping on a hard mattress, sleepers will sink deeper on a soft mattress, so most of their bodies are not exposed to the air, so they will feel hot when they sleep for a long time.


Who Should Choose A Firm Mattress ?

  • Stomach sleepers. A firm mattress can provide enough support for people who like to sleep on their stomach, especially under their hips. If the mattress is strong enough, it can provide the necessary support for the west of the hips, so that the spine can maintain proper neutral alignment.
  • Some back sleepers. Many people who sleep on their back will choose a mattress of medium hardness, but some people will still choose a hard mattress. As long as the mattress can let the hips sink slightly, it can be used for sleeping on your back. If the mattress is too soft, it may not be the most suitable mattress for supine people.
  • Larger people. Heavy people should have higher requirements for the supportability of the mattress. A mattress with good supportability should provide more support so that the sleeper can maintain a good posture.
  • People who like to sleep on top of their mattress. Firm mattresses are not easy to sink, which makes them more suitable for those who sleep on mattresses.
  • Hot sleepers. If you sleep on a hard mattress, the contact area between your body and the mattress is small, so you won't feel hot even if you sleep for a long time.
  • People with mobility issues. Anyone who is unable to move around due to injury or health problems may want to choose a sturdy mattress. The sturdy mattress makes it easier to change posture and get on and off the bed without feeling difficult.


Who Should Choose A Soft Mattress ?

Side sleepers: People who like to sleep on their side will find that when they sleep on their side, their shoulders and hips will bear more pressure. At this time, the soft mattress will play an excellent decompression function. Therefore, if you are a side sleeper, you can give priority to a soft mattress that suits you.

People with pain issues: Soft mattresses are ideal for those suffering from joint or hip pain. Soft mattresses with memory sponges can reduce and alleviate pain in these areas.

Those who like to sink into their mattress: The soft mattress can make the sleeper fall into it, so if you like to sleep in the mattress, you should prefer the soft mattress.

Couples: Soft mattresses, especially memory foam mattresses, can better block movement transmission. When one partner moves on the bed, the other partner will not be disturbed generally.


Firm Mattress V.S. Soft Mattress

In the end, it shouldn’t be too difficult to choose between a firm mattress and a soft mattress. Choosing whether one wants firm or soft is the first step toward finding the perfect mattress!





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