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Find The Best Mattresses For Heavy People

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  • Date:2022/11/29

No matter your body type, us mattresses manufacturer suggest that you need a good night's sleep—to stay healthy, perform your best every day, and maintain mental health. While trying to find a comfortable factory direct mattress can drive anyone crazy, finding the best mattress for a heavier person presents its own set of challenges. According to sleep experts, if you weigh more than 120kg, you may want to check that your mattress is the right size to give your body the support it needs - whether you're overweight or naturally larger. The reason is simple: the more weight you carry, the more pressure your body puts on the mattress over time.



What are the sleep and comfort challenges that heavier set people face?

If a heavier body puts more pressure on your mattress, the results often include:

  • Failed in ergonomic design of the Mattress
  • Loss of spring integrity and tension, or broken spring
  • Dimples and bumps from poor quality foam, or foam that cannot hold heavier weights
  • The edges and corners of the mattress collapse, where people sit
  • Inferior bed frame structure failure


Parallel to the effect that a heavier weight can have on a bed, a heavier person may experience various sleep and comfort challenges when sleeping on an ill-fitting mattress.

  • Heavier people find it harder to stay cool while sleeping, especially on memory foam mattresses.
  • Getting in and out of bed, as well as moving during sleep, can often disturb a sleeping partner.
  • The ergonomic design may not be strong enough to handle the extra weight, resulting in poor lumbar support leading to pain.
  • Broken or displaced springs, or bumps and depressions in the foam, can add to a person's discomfort and further prevent deep, restful sleep.

6 Tips For Buying A Mattress For Heavy-set Guys

Fortunately, technology and sleep health innovations have come a long way, and there are solutions if you know where to find them and what to look for. Here's what you need to know when looking for the best mattress for someone who is overweight:

1. Look for a Thicker Mattress

A thin mattress won't provide the support a heavier person needs. Thicker mattresses provide a higher level of depth-holding support, which relieves some of your high-stress pressure points.


2. Consider a king-size bed

Time to indulge...or pamper yourself! Because heavier people typically take up more space in the mattress, you may want to consider an extra-long queen bed. This gives you and your sleeping partner plenty of room to stretch out and may also help absorb movement.


3. Find a mattress with effective edge support

Mattress edges tend to collapse because we often sit on edges or corners - to tie our shoelaces ,for example. Look for a mattress with a sturdy frame designed to take extra weight off the edges and corners of the mattress.


4. Consider breathability

The heavy-set guys have better choose spring mattresses. Because people who are overweight have higher calories than others, memory foam can absorb and store body heat to increase the body heat. The bottom of the spring mattress has spring support, which will increase the air flow


5. Invest in a sturdy, ergonomic design

Some mattresses are designed to provide firm comfort and ergonomic support for deep sleepers. These are designed to keep you from sinking too deep in the mattress while supporting important heavier areas like your shoulders and hips.


6. Study the quality of the foam

Foam density determines the durability of a mattress, not its firmness. For a hard-wearing solution, remember that denser mattresses are more durable. Regular foam has a density of 30, while latex foam has a density of 45, giving it a significant advantage in terms of durability.





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