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Do You Really Know The Sponge Mattress ?

  • By:Arrowsoft
  • Date:2022/03/04

During the mattress purchase process, do you divide the mattress into sponge mattress, memory foam mattress, latex mattress and spring mattress? It seems that there are not many types of mattresses, but it is not a simple matter to really choose a mattress that suits you.



Arrowsoft as a wholesale mattress company, we met many different types customers.

Many customers want to purchase products that meet their requirements at the best price. What make me impress is there was a customer want to start his sponge mattress wholesale business and want the mattress feeling is firm, so all he can think of is to add coconut pad inside the mattress. From our communication, we know the customer didn’t know the mattress very well, he is similar with many customers. But no worry, Arrowsoft as a professional wholesale mattress company, we offer our best suggestion at the first time. Do you know what’s the suggestion did we provide to him?


It’s use the high density foam to adjust the feeling of the mattress. There are many customers will think if want the mattress firm, we just can use the coconut pad. Actually, the change the density of the foam also can change the feeling of the mattress. The density of the foam higher, the feeling will be firmer.


Benefit of the change the coconut pad into the high density foam.

1. Save space. If we use the coconut pad inside the mattress, the mattress can’t be vacuum compress and rolled up. If we use the high density foam, the mattress can roll up, this will be save the space and good for his sponge mattress wholesale business.

2. More convenient. The roll up mattress is easy to transport and storage. When they sell the mattress to the customer, the customer can carry the mattress easily.

3. More comfortable. Compared with the coconut pad mattress, the high density foam will more comfortable. It can cover your body shape better.

Actually, the rolled up mattress is very popular with the market, they love it very must. It is not only good for the seller, but also convenient for the buyer.



During the mattress purchase process, you may have a lot of things you don't understand, it doesn’t matter, we will offer you the best service and the professional reply. Do you want to know more money saving tips? Just come to contact us to know more:) We have been doing the mattress business more than 20 years, I think you can get what you want from us !





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