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What Is The Zippered Custom Bed Mattress ?

  • By:Arrowsoft
  • Date:2022/11/07

Discover our Arrowsoft mattress of fitmat series innovative collection of zipper bed and make your perfect mattress a reality. Have you ever heard of a mattress with a class pull-out top panel? If you've never heard of it that's understandable. After all, this is a new design in the last two years and many other mattress stores do not offer this innovative design to their customers. This disassembled design allows us to fill the middle with many different soft and firm materials, such as high-density foam, latex, memory foam, brown, gel memory foam, etc. We can replace the middle filling material according to the softness you like. At the bottom of the mattress, we use a spring system with good support to provide stable support. So what are the benefits of this kind of mattress with zipper? Based on our export experience, there are at least four advantages.



1. Build A Bed Mattress

If you as a seller, each customer will have different preferences, and this is when you need to address how to meet the needs of your customers. This kind of mattress with zipper can help you solve a lot of such problems. Each person can choose a different comfort layer to fill the mattress so they can sleep with the softness they prefer. There are many materials used as fillers, including latex, high-density foam and memory foam


2. Comfort Matching

Are you a little indecisive when it comes to picking a mattress? Not sure whether you should pick a softer or harder mattress. Mattresses with zippers can solve this problem for you. As I mentioned above, you can change the material of the filling layer according to the softness you want to achieve the comfort level you want.


3. Long Term Comfort

As time passes, your needs may change. Update your sleep surface by replacing the foam inserts rather than purchasing an entirely new mattress


4. Easy To Rotate

Many people in the use of a period of time after the mattress will flip the mattress, in fact, this operation is still very troublesome. This mattress with zipper is a good solution to this problem. You only need to open the zipper and maintain the filling layer can be. This design brings great convenience to the user. Some couples will have different needs for the softness of the mattress, this design with zipper we can use two different materials in the filling layer to achieve different softness.


And as time goes on, maybe you get a little tired of your mattress at some point and it feels too soft, then you can change the inner layer from air memory foam to a natural latex layer and it will become more resilient, more breathable and a healthier sleeping environment, so we make adjustable mattresses. Choose between medium and medium soft to get the right sleep solution for you. Then rest assured that you can easily switch at any time, and for more models and options you can pick and choose on our website to find your ideal mattress!  In addition to this kind of mattress with zipper, we also have a lot of very good mattresses, such as luxury firm mattress,best foam mattress topper,hotel mattress and so on. Please contact us to know more.





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